About Us


What is the Networking Cupper about?

The Networking Cupper helps people and businesses based in Bromley to grow. Through networking events, activities and support, we encourage our members to create friendships and help each other in business.

At Networking Cupper we welcome self-employed people and those running small or medium-sized businesses (SMEs) to connect with each other.

We hold regular networking events in Bromley, as well as exhibitions and other events to support the community. For more information on our events, see the events page and calendar.

How it started

Helen Freeman of Fitness Rate started the Networking Cupper in 2011, in Costa Coffee, Bromley Market Square. She wanted it to be an informal way for local businesses to meet each other and discuss business topics over a cuppa. The original meetings were monthly on a Friday between 9.30-11.30am, with many local businesses attending.

Over the next couple of years, the Networking Cupper grew steadily with new businesses joining and social media playing a huge part in helping to spread the word about us. All those who attended meetings automatically became members.

In 2015, we moved from Costa Coffee to Brodie’s Café, just around the corner. Meetings were now 9.30am-12.00pm and we began to have expert speakers from within the Networking Cupper membership.

When Brodie’s Café sadly closed in 2016, we moved to The Mission Café in The Mall, central Bromley, for a few months before moving to our current home in early 2017, Nick’s Café, also in the Mall. At the same time we formed an Association and decided to put on an exhibition for businesses and the public.